Thursday, November 12, 2009

Food Tip of the Day: Eating Out

If you are not one to go out to eat all the time, then live it up when you do! Do not waste a fun time and money ordering from the "healthy" or "fit" menu. If you normally eat healthy home cooked meals, there is no reason not to splurge every once and a while. Fast food companies have been coming out with healthy choices, and I believe they should be left for the people who have to eat lunch out daily, or do not make home cooked meals. I love fast food places like Burger King or Carl's Jr. who cater to people like me and serve delicious, creative, and unhealthy food! Last night I had the Jalapeno Six Dollar Burger at Carl's Jr. It was the best jalapeno burger I have ever had!

I do enjoy getting a salad here and there when I go out to eat, but it is because I like salad, not because I am trying to eat healthy. If you are not going to enjoy it, then don't buy it. Order those fries, chicken strips, or nachos!

Also, do not waste money on things you can make at home. A lot of chicken or pasta dishes in restaurants are easy enough to copy at home. Get something you wouldn't make for yourself, or that you know is better then you can get at home. Also, chicken is the least cost effective thing to get at a restaurants. Most restaurants over cook their chicken anyway, and who wants to pay for dry, tasteless chicken. Unless it is KFC of course.

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