Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Just Don't Get It

I do not understand the In-and-Out Burger hype. Go ahead, boo and throw soggy french fries at me, I expect it, but just hear me out.

Two new In-and Out Burgers have opened in my area, with a third on the way. People are going crazy, and apparently some people even lined up the night before to sleep in the cold! I do not understand this, why would people line up overnight for soggy french fries and good, but not great hamburgers?

My specific complaints about In-and-Outs food start with the fries. I grew up in California and had an In-and- Out 3 miles from my house. I have eaten there a lot. Only once have I actually enjoyed the fries, and it was because they were over-cooked. In-and-Out under cooks their fries, almost to the point where they are raw. And, like 5 seconds after you get them they are cold and limp. No thank you!  I love fries, and I have a friend who REALLY loves fries and eats them wherever she goes. Neither of us like In-and -Outs fries, so that is saying something.  My husband and I make homemade fries a lot in our deep fat fryer. We use fresh potatoes, we double fry them, and they are amazing.

My complaints about In-and-Out's food sort of ends there. I do not mind their burgers or shakes. While I would eat them and be just fine with it, I would not go out of my way or wait in line to get them.  Good, but not great is my opinion.

I have heard many excuses for why people like in-and-out. My least favorite, "It's fresh!". Okay people, fresh does not equal good. Poop is often referred to as fresh, would you eat that?   Its like the people who think all organic food is healthy (like organic potatoes chips or cookies). Yes In-and-Out uses real fresh potatoes, fresh, not frozen beef, and real ice cream in their shakes, but what they do with them does not make it taste good. To me, food is something to enjoy, especially when going out to eat. Utah has some awesome burger places, Burger Supreme, Crown Burger, Regal Burger, JCW's, Iceburg, Coney's.... Do they use fresh ingredients? I honestly don't know, but their burgers and fries are delicious. If I want "fresh" food that actually tastes good, I just make it at home!

I have actually heard two valid excuses of why someone my like In-and Out. Someone told me they liked In-and-Out because was not something readily available, and because of this it was fun and exciting. I totally get this. I love Jack-In-the-Box! We do not have any in Northern Utah. Anytime we are anywhere near a Jack-in-the-box I make my husband stop. Why? Their food isn't any better than Burger King or Carl's Jr. Just the fact that I cannot have it when I want it makes it amazing. Plus the idea that you can order breakfast all day makes me happy. Do I ever order breakfast there? No, but the fact that I can if I want to makes me happy. Plus their ciabatta burgers are the best, and their commercials are pretty dang funny.

Second valid excuse, my friend told me "In-and-Out reminds me of home. It is like your mom's cooking, it might not taste great, but it taste like home". I guess my favorite part about that is the part where she says, "it might not taste great..." But a valid excuse nonetheless.

A plea to all In-and-Out lovers. Come to my house. I will feed you fresh burgers and fries. Believe me, you will not be disappointed and it will be better then anything you can get there.

I know a lot of people my not agree to anything I say here, and you might actually hate me now. Just wait until blog about my hatred for all things Cafe Rio.


  1. A-MEN to the 100th degree! Trevor and I, while sure we enjoy In-N-Out every once in a while we are defnitely not going to go wait in line for a freakin' burger! and we could surely live the rest of our lives never having one ever again quite happily. Also, don't even get us started on Cafe Rio....

  2. By the way, LOVE the new blog, and it looks awesome!

  3. I LOVE the Jack in the Box spicy chicken sandwich, so freakin good and the fact that they're open till 2 in the morning is really great too :)

  4. I'm excited for your blog!
    K - I'm an In-N-Out lover. I think the burgers are great. And the best part for me, I can feed my family for cheap while going out. My kids share a fry, and we each get a burger. $5. BUT you are right, nothing is better than a homecooked burger and fries. We make burgers ALL the time at home.
    I'm not a Cafe Rio fan. I love Costa.

  5. Katie, you have to like Costa:)And I do have to admit, some nights I do not want to cook, so I am willing to eat something that doesn't taste as good as homemade, and if it is cheap, even better.

  6. I'm with you on the In-N-OUt thing...not anything to get excited. BUT, the fact that you don't like Cafe Rio...I'm not sure we can be friends anymore :)

  7. Oh, I so agree. I don't understand the hype of In-N-Out, everytime I have eaten there it is disgusting. I am also a fry lover and I hate their fries...did I mention that I hate their fries, to me that determines if I go back somewhere or not. I have to agree with you about good burger places around here. My favorite is JCW's! Mmmmm