Friday, January 22, 2010

Food Tip: My Favorite Sandwich Bread

We are big bread people at our house. If we have really good bread available, my kids will even pick a slice of bread over a treat! Since we are bread people, we cannot just eat any old sandwich bread, we have to have the best! In my opinion Judy's Gourmet Whole Wheat bread is the best. not only is it good for you (whole wheat is the main ingredient) it is also delicious. The bread is thick, chewy and soft, but not too thick to over power the sandwich, and not to soft to get soggy. It tastes like really well made homemade bread. Do you want to hear the best part? It is only $1.50 to no more than $1.99 a loaf. I often see it on sale for $.99.

Judy's Gourmet is located in Orem, Utah, so the further away from Orem you get, the harder it is to find. Macey's Grocery chain in Utah county carries it, as well as Walmart. Whenever I am at either of those stores I tend to buy 3-4 loaves and freeze them (which is why the deep freezer has come in handy). Judy's Gourmet also has white bread that is really good, as well has excellent tasting hamburger buns and the famous Judy's Gourmet dinner rolls.

Oh, and if you live in Salt lake County, I have found the Dunford bread is very similar to Judy's Gourmet (and Dunford makes excelent doughnuts too)!

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  1. Hmm finding good bread is one of the things I struggle with every single day. thanks for the tip. Keri (a.k.a. Sam)