Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Candy Bar Granola Bars

There is a wonderful thing in my life that I like to call candy bar granola bars. These are granola bars that taste just as good as candy bars. The plus side to this (if tasting like a candy bar wasn't already good enough) is that most of them have some health benefits too.

One of my favorite candy bar granola bars are the Fiber One bars. There are several different flavors, but my favorite is the oats and peanut butter. It is like a snickers bar with out the chocolate, but just as good.

My favorite things other then the taste: Lots of fiber, great for a low calorie snack, and sweet enough that it fulfill any sweet tooth. I think these are great foe someone who is looking to cut sweets and treats out of their diet. Instead of having ice cream or cookies at night, just have a candy bar granola bar instead. For the short time we had these in our house, I would eat one at night instead of my usually late night snacks (popcorn, nachos, chips, cookies, ice cream) and it would satisfy me and fill me up until morning.

The worst part about these are that they are a little expensive and there are only 5 in a pack (which means they go pretty quickly at my house).

I have several types of granola bar candy bars that I like, so as I buy them, I will post about them too!

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