Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Monthly Menu: March

I pretty much had a crazy month last month, so you can see many of my meal plans are being repeated simply because I did not get to them! There are a few meals that have been lingering from month to month (like the chicken bacon stuffed pizza rolls) that I am hoping to actually get to this month.

Bread Entrees
Chicken Bacon Stuffed Pizza Rolls from Our Best Bite
Tri-tip sandwiches

Breakfast Entrees
French toast
Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes

Mexican Entrees
Fantastic Fish Tacos (ward cookbook)
Chorizo, Potato, and Egg Breakfast Burritos 

Chicken Entrees
Hot wings
Microwave Taco Chicken

Beef /Pork/ Fish Entrees
Pork Barbacoa and Tomatillo Dressing
Weinersnitzle with Semolina Dumpling Soup
Party Special
Reuben Sandwiches

Pasta Entrees
Penne a la Carbonara
Lasagna Marinara Rolls
Moo Shu Noodles
Pot-stickers (from Costco)

Rice Entree 
Tiki Masala
Thai Red Curry

Chicken Tortilla Soup
Corn Potato Chowder


  1. Mmmm, I LOVE rueban sandwiches and those Costco potstickers are awesome too!

    I hope you like the ricotta blueberry pancakes, they're pretty great! Another change I've made to the recipe is to add a bit of milk. The batter is SO thick when made as is.

  2. Oh, I also made that chicken tortilla soup from all recipes and it's pretty dang good. Be sure to make extra tortilla strips, it was my kids favorite part of the whole meal ;)

  3. Hi Britt,
    Can I get your recipes on here? I love how you use the weekly circular ad. I would love to try some of the recipes on your menu :)

  4. Heavens, I have to make those chicken bakes stuffed pizza rolls. I love your menus cause it gives me ideas. Thanks! I HATE coming up with meal plans...