Monday, April 26, 2010

My Current Food Obsessions

Our newest Costco find. These are delicious and so fattening. I do all I can to only eat one a day. This is pretty much the only thing I love made from milk chocolate. 

Another new Costco find (my husband REALLY needs to stop making solo Costco trips). These are a little healthier, but just as addicting. They aren't as spicy as you would think, but still really good.
Do you remember these as a kid? My mom would never buy them, and either do I. They have no nutritional value, and they are really expensive for what they are. However, I loved them as a kid, and still love them now. When my three year old asked for them one day at the store, I said, "why not"! I thought maybe they would be one of those things that don't taste as good as I remember. Oh, so not the truth. They are even better then I remember!
And since I am supposed to be keeping track of calories...this has been my saving grace! I usually eat it at night when I am starving because I used up all my calories on empty calories. These are only 50 calories, delicious, and they fill you up!

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