Sunday, May 30, 2010

Restaurant Review: Scaddy's

1750 W Main
Lehi, UT 84043

This restaurant is originally located near the University of Utah Campus. My husband and I had heard how good their burgers were, but we also heard it is a big Ute (University of Utah) hang out. Being the BYU fans that we are, we stayed away.

About a week ago, we heard they were opening a BYU friendly location in Lehi! For all you locals, it is connected to the new gas station with the drive up window. So, as soon as they opened for business, I had my husband pick up some dinner on his way home from work.

I ordered the Blaze Burger, which consists of fried jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, along with the typical hamburger toppings. I also ordered a side of onion rings. At first glance, the burger looked big and messy. This was only confirmed when I began to eat it. I told my husband, it was like I was in a Carl's Jr. commercial, it was dripping every where. Please do not think this is a bad thing, it just added to the awesomeness of the burger. It was so flavorful and spicy, the toppings were perfectly portioned, and the bun was soft and homemade like. This is something I would get again.

The onion rings and potential, but fell a little short of perfection. The coating on the rings was the perfect texture and flavor, but the coating was no longer attached to the actual onion. I assume this is a rookie mistake... all new restaurants (even chains )have some growing pains. But, as I said, they were still good and I could definitely see them being top notch.

The most dissapointing would have to be the fries. They tasted like greasy In and Out fries. I do not like In and Out and their undercooked, limp fries. These were uncercooked, limp and extremtly greasy. I am hoping this is another "growing pain" and that they will get better over time.

Over all, we really enjoyed our burgers, and even the onion rings! It is worth checking out again sometime in the future.

If you check out the Menu for Scaddy's, they appear to have a decent looking breakfast menu, which I am dying to try sometime! I will let you know when I do!

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