Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Restaurant Review: OC Style

I have been a little MIA, and there is actually a good reason for that! I spent seven days in Orange County, Ca. We split our time between our condo in Newport Beach and Disneyland! Thanks to my parents, we were able to eat at some awesome places. So, instead of doing a review on each separate place, I am just going to do one big post. I think enough people make this same trip, so I am hoping this will help you out next time you head to Orange County!

New York Upper Crust Pizza
28051-B Greenfield Dr.
Laguna Niguel, CA, 92677 

We came here for lunch. It was some of the best pizza I have had. I loved that you could get pizza by the slice, or do take out and get a whole pizza. Between all of us, we sampled almost every kind, and they were all good. They also had a really good antipasti salad, and fun desserts!

Sushi Zen Bistro
1875 Newport BlvdCosta Mesa, CA 92627

Awesome sushi and great appetizers! Also, the salmon entree was really good too. The service is a little slow, and the lighting is really dim and dark. not such a great place to take kids. They did have high chairs, but now kids menu. However, it is worth trying, but go during the day when the sunlight is coming in through the windows!

Ruby's Diner 
All over Orange County

If you find yourself in the OC you have to go to Ruby's Diner.  It is a chain, so there are several locations you can choose from. Their breakfast was amazing. You have to try the cinnamon roll french toast, or the corned beef and hash. Even their basic bacon eggs and potatoes were cooked to perfection. The service is awesome and it is very kid friendly! They also have beignets... with the option to dip in either chocolate or frosting... so good!

Jack in the Box 
All over

Okay, you know I can't go to California without visiting Jack in the Box! It is a fun, cheap meal that you can't get in Utah (and some other states). Get anything, it is all good.  


Stage Door Café

Home of the best corn dog you may ever eat. Okay, not really, but it is a good corn dog and it is huge. My husband and I both thought it was a little greasy, but the hot dog in the inside was really good. It is also a cheap eat when it comes to Disneyland food. For under six dollars you can get a corn dog and either chips or apple slices. For a few dollars more you can add a drink. This place also serves kids power packs. This consists of yogurt, fish crackers, cheese stick, apple slices and  choice of small Low-fat milk, orange juice, or small bottled water for also under 6 dollars. Many places around Disneyland and California Adventure sell the kids power pack and I was a big fan. 

French Market Restaurant
New Orleans Square

My parents actually ate here, and they just raved about how good the salads were. We also had a pretty awesome piece of chocolate cake. Although it is not advertised, they also sell the mint juleps. This is one memory I have of Disneyland, we always got a mint julep. There is another place that is kind of hidden called the Mint Julep Bar. This is probably the place they would prefer you to buy the mint julips, but it is not always open. The Mint Julep bar also had some tasty looking french desserts

Cafe Orleans

New Orleans Square

Great place to get gumbo, the legendary Monte Cristo sandwich and beignets (though there is a better place in downtown Disney to get those). If you haven't noticed, we really liked the New Orleans area when it came to food. I think it was by far the best. However, if you didn't already know, Disney food is overpriced and it is pretty good food, but it is not the best you will ever have.   

Random Cart Food not to miss: You have to get a churro and popcorn. It is just something you have to do. Also, do not get ice cream in the park! It is Dreyers and you will see people walking around with it and it looks so good. Resist the temptation, and instead go out to Downtown Disney and get the Haagan Daz instead, and you can thank me later.  However, the Disneyland Bakery that is next to the ice cream and candy shop looked really good, so maybe check that out and let me know.

California Adventure

Ariel's Grotto

Paradise Pier

This is also known "Ariel's Disney Princess Celebration" If you have a little girl aged 2-10, this is a must. It is pretty expensive, but you will enjoy yourself so much, you'll forget about the money. Each princess comes around to your table and your little girl can meet her, get a picture with her, and get her autograph. It was a lot of fun. The food was pretty good too! You get a shared appetizer with cheeses, breads, pickles, jellos, salad and cut up veggies. For dinner you get to choose from 6 or so different entrees. If you go, the best thing to get is either the Red Fish or the Tri-Tip. Those by far were the best. Also, the toddler mac and cheese was really good. For dessert they bring out a tray of several different desserts. The best part was the white chocolate shell and Ariel picture... all edible!

Pacific Wharf Cafe

Golden State

Best place to get soup in a sourdough bread bowl, it is almost like being on the Warf in San Fransisco They also have these really cute mickey mouse sugar cookies that are fun for the kids (or kids at heart).

Downtown Disney

Jazz Kitchen Express

Really good beignets and jalapeno bacon potato salad. Other then that the food is so-so. However, it is fast and you can sit outside and eat.

And as I mentioned before... do not miss out on the Haagan Daz!

And now I am headed off to chaperone a Girl's Camp, where we will be making some tin foil dinners, peanut butter smore's, and dutch oven cooking! If I think about it, I'll take pictures and brag.

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  1. oohhh I want to try some of these places now.
    Did you get a shake and onion rings at Rubys?!?!! that is the best part!!! The one on the end of the pier in oceanside is wonderful, you can watch all the people catching fish. we saw someone bring up a sting ray.
    Pacific Wharf Cafe in Cali Adventure is so good. glad you tried it. did you go in the sourdough factory where they give tours?
    Jazz Kitchen, did you try their sweet potato fries?! If not, you missed out my friend.