Thursday, September 23, 2010

Amano Chocolate

At our house, we consider ourselves chocolate connoisseurs. We love good chocolate, and am am not talking about Hershey. Some of our favorites are Ghirardelli, Lindt, and Lindor. A few years ago, my husband told me about a chocolate company he heard about, and it was called Amano. He told me that Amano was started by a computer programer (my husbands occupation) and they had won tons of awards all over the world, and, they were based in a town nearby!

Immediately I did some research to find out where I could by some of this amazing Amano chocolate! I found you could order them online, but pay an enormous shipping fee. I refuse to pay shipping on something that is from a town nearby, no matter how good it is. So, I called the number on the site, and this guy answer and was super polite and listed all the places you could by the Amano Chocolate bars. Come to find out, I was talking ot the owner!

I found that you could get them at the BYU bookstore, so the next time I was in town I bought one bar. I was hooked. It is the best chocolate you will ever taste. At first I was intimidated by the small size and large price tag, however, the chocolate is so good that you can only eat a few squares at a time, so it lasts longer and the flavor is so undeniably that you will forget you paid seven dollars for the bar!

What I love about Amano is the unique flavors the chocolate carries. The areas where they harvest their cocoas beans carry natural flavors in the beans, such as orange or clove. When you taste the chocolate, you can tastes hints of these naturally occurring flavors To truly understand what Amano is, you need to visit there site and read what they are all about.

Even better, Amano just opened a factory store. You can go in, and the nice people will let you sample all the chocolate, explain the flavors and how it is all made! Plus you can buy the chocolate bars, plus cocoa nibs and baking chocolate, brownies and other yummy delectables. Their bars come in many different flavors in dark or milk chocolate. The picture above is my two favorites!

Amano Artisan Chocolate
496 South, 1325 West
Orem, UT 84058
10am - 8:00pm

A few local restaurant around Utah County use Amano chocolates in their desserts or hot chocolates. Pizzeria 712 is one of them. I think supporting local business and enjoying high quality food should be part of every one's life, so I encourage you to visit Amano soon!

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