Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm Baaaccckkk

Babes has been born, and the cooking bug has returned!

Not that I did not cook for the past 3 months... but I did VERY little of it.

On special days (mostly Sunday's) my husband would cook amazing meals for us... here are some of the meals I enjoyed. As I mentioned before my husband really doesn't use recipes, so sadly I cannot share. However, stay tuned for new recipes from me!

Balsamic pear salad, loaded mashed potatoes, and mustard tri tip

Bacon brussel sprouts, saffron rice, gyro's

Fried noodles with pork and homemade teriyaki sauce

Easter dinner: sweet potato fries, deviled eggs, mango watermelon salad, cobb salad, and smoked ham

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  1. I would be so happy if one meal a month looked like any of those. That will NEVER happen.