Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Annual Cougar Board Charity Cook Off

This past weekend our family attended the First Annual Cougar Board Charity Cook Off. What is cougarboard? Well, it is not a place where I prowl on boys half my age. It is a message board for all that is BYU sports and more, much much more. My husband is addicted to it, and I may admit I am too. The people who run the message board decided to do a cook off and chairety event to support a cancer support group. Since our family is all about food, we decided to enter ALL FOUR CATEGORIES. This consisted of: meat, hot wings, chili and dessert. I was in charge of the hot wings, my husband was in charge of everything else (this was all his idea by the way).

Starting at 4am, My husband was out attending to his smoked pork shoulder, and through out the day we simmered chili, constructed a dessert and fried up some wings!

I cannot say the competition was fierce, but there was some great food there. In the end, we came out pretty well.

The husband placed 3rd with his smoked pulled pork. Honestly, he was up against ribs and brisket.  The judges did not bother to try his amazing secret bbq sauce either, so pulling out a third place with plain smoked pulled pork was pretty awesome.

I placed second with my hot wings. Please do not ask how many competitors their were. It will make my second place win be more like last place... I don't think the judges were quite ready for the hot part of my hot wings. I used Bobby Flay's recipe for hot wings and blue cheese yogurt sauce. I used peppers that we grew in our garden, which may have possibly made it a bit to spicy for most palates. However, I thought they were delicious! I also won some pretty awesome BYU beenies so all is good.

We did not place in the chili portion. However, my husband made some pretty awesome chili. He took the recipe for our favorite beans, and made a chili out of it by adding some tomato paste and other ingredients.

Husband also placed third in desserts, and EVERYONE agreed he was robbed. He lost to two desserts that looked like they were made from a boxed cake mix. I was not a judge but I tried all the desserts and only one even came close. It was a Key lime cheese cake, and they didn't win anything! But, that is how it goes. I loved the dessert so much that I want to share it with you

Carmel Fudge Cake

Take your favorite recipe of yellow cake
Good melting caramel
favorite chocolate ganache recipe
whipping cream whipped yo to perfection

Bake your yellow cake in two 8 inch cake pans. After cooking, cooling, and de-panning, pick the cake that came out the best and cut it in half (like a layer cake). Fill the middle with melted caramel, replace the top part, cover it with more caramel. Refrigerate it for a bit, the cover the top with chocolate ganache and sever with the whipped cream.

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