Saturday, November 21, 2009

Appliances That Change Your Life: Cuisinart DLC-2014CHB 14-Cup Food Processor

In my world, there are certain kitchen appliances that change my life. Here is one:

This is our new Cuisinart DLC-2014CHB 14-Cup Food Processor. It has a 14-cup work bowl, a wide mouth feed tube that holds whole fruits and vegetables, stainless steel medium slicing disc, a stainless steel shredding disc, a chopping/mixing blade and PowerPrep metal dough blade.

I love that it can grate cheeses and veggies, slice meats, fruits, veggies and cheese, mix dough, and of course, chops up all sorts of foods! I bet if you asked nice, it would even clean your oven.The best part is that it is so quiet and fast. I think it chopped up an entire onion in 10 seconds and grated a half pound of cheese in about 8 seconds. It also does not have a lot of confusing settings or buttons, it is very basic. It is stainless steel, which means it looks nice and we can leave it out on our counter for easy access.

One problem I have with it is adding or removing the hardware. It takes some practice, but you get used to it!

Everyone needs to have a good food processor, especially if you make a lot of home cooked meals. Because they are so multifunctional, it can do many things you would normally do by hand and it saves you time! If you are interested in purchasing a food processor, they can be pricey, so shop around before you buy. Also, make sure you know what size you want. If you get one that is too little, you may have to chop some of your food before you put it in, and that is just silly! My husband researches a lot before we purchase more expensive items. This is a great idea so you know you aren't paying more for options you may not use and customer reviews are very helpful. Costco has this Cuisinart along with a coupon that expires at the beginning of next month. In our search for the food processor we also found that Walmart over all has the best prices. Though, this may be a good black Friday or holiday sale item, keep a look out in the ads!

Do you have a food processor that you love or hate? Tell me about it!

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