Sunday, November 29, 2009

Disasters in the Kitchen

Baking and cooking a lot often leads to a few disasters. This wouldn't be a true food blog without occasionally sharing some of these with you!

This wasn't exactly a disaster, but it turned out differently than I expected! We had a little party for our soon to be one-year-old little girl. It was the day after thanksgiving at my in-laws house, so I wanted to do something cute and fun, but not a lot of work. I found a great recipe for monkey cupcakes in a magazine and thought I would copy it. I did not use the cake directions from the actual recipe, I just used a basic cake mix instead and copied the "monkey face" directions. This is how it turned out.

Everyone insisted they were cute, but I just could not get over the fact that they scared me! It is like they are going to eat you before you eat them! They did taste really good though, so I guess that is all that matters!

If you want to attempt these scary monkey cupcakes, perhaps for your next Halloween party, here is how I did it

Scary Monkey Cupcakes
-Bake a basic chocolate cake mix, follow package directions, and make in muffin tins. Let cool completely before decorating.
-Frost cupcakes with any kind of chocolate frosting or glaze
-White frosting for eyes, topped with reeces pieces or m&m's
-For mouth use any kind of brown cookie. I used the keebler peanut butter chocolate cookies. The actual recipe has you use ginger snaps.
-For ears I used circle melting chocolates, but the recipe calls for mini oreos. (This was actually another disaster. I didn't realize it called for mini oreos and I bought big sized ones, which were way too big for the cupcakes. I raided my mother-in-laws pantry and found the melting chocolates which looked great and tasted good too!)

And remember, eat them before they eat you!

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  1. Ha ha ha, you're funny, Brittney! I think they're cute too!