Monday, November 30, 2009

Recipe Gold Mine!

Another favorite place to find recipes is My favorite thing to do is watch food network, and then when I see a recipe I like, I can go find it online! also has difficulty ratings and overall recipe ratings so you know if you are making something easy that tastes good, or hard and tastes bad.

My favorite show and my least favorite show on food network is Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. If you have not seen it before, check it out. Guy Fieri travels around the US looking for interesting or popular diners, drive ins, and dives. It is my dream and goal in life to visit these places. As I mentioned, I love watching this show, and you can get some great ideas of places to visit and good recipe ideas from it. I also hate watching this show because it makes me hungry for things I should not be eating.

While looking for a recipe online tonight, I found the top 100 recipes from Guy Fieri's travels. This is great because I did not know there were any published recipes from the places he went! In my eyes, this is a recipe gold mine! Go here to check them out!

If you are in the Utah area, Guy Fieri visited several places in and around Salt lake City. My husband and I have been to a few and have really enjoyed the food. I encourage you to check them out too!

Blue Plate Diner 2041 S 2100 E Salt Lake City
Pat's BBQ 155 West Commonwealth Avenue Salt Lake City
Red Iguana 736 W North Temple Salt Lake City

Or go here for the complete list of diners, drive ins and dives.

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