Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Themed Food: "Turkey" Sandwiches

Today I made the kids "turkey" sandwiches for lunch! I love it when you can turn food into somethign else, and kids love it too!

First make your sandwich. We really did use turkey, but you can make it with whatever you want!. After it is all assembled, use a cicle cookie cutter to cut out the body. Try and cut it out towards one end, because you will need to use part of the sandwich to make the head. After you cut out the circle, take your extra piece and cut out a rectangle shape with a knife, this will be your turkey head. Lay the rectangle piece on the circle. Decorate the head with eyes (you are supposed to use olives, but I used choclate chips), a beak (cut a slice of cheese, and then cut off the corner to make the triangle shaped beak) and a red pepper for the waddle (or you can use ketchup). After the face is done, you can put on the feathers. I used carrot sticks, but the original recipe uses red and yellow peppers. I also added some "bird poop" ranch dip for the carrots. The kids loved this, and Tanner even ate his carrots, which he never does.

Other  ideas: cut out circle sugar cookies, decorate with frosting and use candy corns for feathers and beak.

Or, butter both sides of a piece of bread, use a thanksgiving shaped cookie cutter to cut out a shape in the bread (like a turkey, a boat, corn on the cob...). Place bread on a heated frying pan and then crack an egg in the hole of the bread. Let the bread and egg cook for a few minutes and then flip to cook the other side. Don't for get to toast up your bread cut out too! We call this egg-in-a-hole.

Do you have any fun themed Thanksgiving food to share?

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