Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Restaurant Review: The Pizza Pie Cafe

Pizza Pie Cafe
2235 North University Parkway
Provo, UT 84604-1543 -
(801) 373-5561
Price for dinner buffet 6.99. Price for children ages 5-12: 3.99. Price for children ages 2-4: 2.99. Under 2: free!

My husband and I have heard so much about the new Pizza Pie Cafe in Provo so we decided to check it out last night when we were in Provo. I never have lived in Rexburg, ID, but apparently the Pizza Pie Cafe is very similar to Craigos, and I believe they are owned by the same people.

I am not going to go through and give a full review because a friend of mine has already done that He did such a good job that I feel inadequate to do so myself. If you are interested, you can read the review here.

However, I did enjoy eating there, I am a big fan of pizza buffets. For you Provo natives, it is so much better than Doc's Pizza, and a much more enjoyable atmosphere. My favorite was actually the pasta buffet, it was a lot better then other pasta buffets I have had (like at Brick Oven. Oh and the pizza is better than Brick Oven too). There were several different types of pasta and sauces. I tried the spinach fettuccine with Alfredo on one half, and spicy sausage on the other. They do a good job of cooking the pasta just right.

The pizza was really good, but it isn't the best pizza I have ever had. It was more fun just to try out all the different kinds! I loved their selection of dessert pizza as well. My favorite was the oreo pizza, and the cookie dough pizza.  It also has a salad bar, but it looked sad and pitiful. Like my husband said, "why would you eat salad when you could eat pizza". I completely agree.

Although I liked The Pizza Pie cafe very much, I do not think I will go running back soon. My husband and I love to go out to eat, and try out different restaurants, so we only repeat our very favorite ones. However, I do occasionally get a craving for a good pizza buffet, so I will for sure go to the Pizza Pie cafe to fulfill it.

On a side note: The Pizza Pie Cafe is located in the old Tony Roma's building. The whole time I was eating I thought, "wow I could be eating delicious ribs right now". Still mad they closed.

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