Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Appliances That Change Your Life: Deep Freezer

This is one of those appliances that are not for everyone, but is definitely is for me! We recently purchased our deep freeze at Costco (they are having a great deal on these until the end of the month). It is a 7 cubic foot deep freezer, which is plenty big for our family. We have only had it a week, but it has changed my life already.

If you haven't already noticed,  I am a big fan of having a lot of food around, and being prepared. I also enjoy having easy quick meals to prepare on those lazy nights, and most of these easy meals live in the freezer. I also have a specific brand of sandwich bread I like to buy, which is not sold at most grocery stores. So, when I do get a chance to buy it, I tend to buy several loaves and freeze them!

Whenever I would go grocery shopping I would have to consciously think about the freezer items I would buy, knowing that I may not have room! Now, I have been grocery shopping, and I bought two of everything so I could have extra (and have something to put in my new freezer). My favorite part is I have been making extras of my meals and freezing the extras for future meals. Fantastic!

Oh and if we ever lose power for a long period of time, party at my house!


  1. I Love mine too! I think between my freezer, yours, and the bishops whole cow in his, we'll all eat wonderfully when the power goes out!

  2. Not to mention the cereal all over my house.

  3. I have a small freezer too! I'd love to have one of these. How much are they at Costco?
    I came across this recipe in the cookbook just the other day -- and I want to try them too. Also, if you like Mexican food, you've got to try the Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas (by Debbie Matthews) in the cookbook -- they are the best!!

  4. What I meant is, my inside freezer is small, and I'd love to have an extra in the garage for extra food storage. I'd love to stock up on food from Costco.

  5. At costco the freezer is 199. But I also just saw an ad a for 8.8 cubic foot deep freezer at which is marked down from 329.99 to 199.99.

    If you use the 20% bing cashback it makes the freezer 159.99. Choose free in-store pick up to save shipping costs.

    There is also a 50.00 mail in rebate (can be filled out online via if you purchase a protection agreement. A 2 year protection agreement is 49.99, so you can get this FREE after rebate if you wish. You do not have to do this if you do not want to.

  6. I SOOO want one of those but figured that I should wait till we at least buy a house to get one. It wouldn't be much fun having to move it around all the time.