Thursday, February 18, 2010

Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas

This is another recipe I wanted to try out from our church's cook book. What I loved about this recipe is that it is so simple. It had few steps and was a breeze to make! Overall, the recipe was okay. As I have mentioned before, I am very sensitive to food that is too sweet, and this was one of those meals for me. However, overlooking the sweetness, it was really good. So, I am still posting it because I feel like most people will like, or love this recipes, I am just weird about the whole sweet/savory thing. Oh, and my kids loved it!

Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas

1/2 tsp garlic
1/2 tsp chili powder
2 large limes squeezed
1/3 c honey
1 can green enchilada sauce
1/2 c heavy cream
12 corn torillas
cooked shredded chicken
Mexican cheese (I just used cheddar with some rec pepper flakes mixed in)

Mix garlic, chili powder, limes, honey, enchilada sauce, and heavy cream in a  bowl. Spread half the mixture on bottom of a 9x13 cake pan. Roll shredded chicken into tortilla with some Mexican cheese. (Hint: to soften your corn tortilla in order to make it more manageable, microwave in a wet paper towel for 30 seconds). Place into the baking dish and pour the rest of the sauce over the top of the tortillas. Top with more cheese. Bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. Serve with sour cream.

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  1. Ohhh, have you tried the chicken lime fajitas from the ward cook book? They're soo good and so easy to make! I highly recommend them.