Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Appliances That Change Your Life: Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

I always wanted a Kitchen Aid, but I did not realize the wonders of it until I had one. It has revolutionized my baking. Soon after I bought it I made 5 different types of cookies in one night for a bake sale. It only took me three hours, when it would have normally taken the entire day! Also, it made it so much easier to do my 25 Days of Treats.

Some people may have other stand mixers that work just fine for them. I, however feel that Kitchen Aid is the best. Don't laugh, but the horse power on that thing is amazing. It can stir through the thickest of doughs like it is water. I have definietly used and abused it, and it works just like the day we bought it.

My favorite part about the kitchen Aid is all the attachments. We only have the paddle, the dough hook and the whisk. I hope to soon get the pasta attachment, the ice cream attachment, and the meat grinder attachment. The best part is, you can get rid of some of your bulky appliances like the bread maker, the ice cream make, etc.

If you are able to purchase any kitchen appliance I would first buy the kitchen aid before all others. There have been a lot of great deals on Kitchen Aid's the past few months, so if you are interested in buying one I would shop around and get the best deal. It'll change your life, I promise!

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