Saturday, December 26, 2009

25 Days of Treats: My Thoughts

I hope you all enjoyed these 25 Christmas treat recipes! Although there were some days or nights I did not want to bake, I am actually glad I did it! I am already making plans for next year.

One thing that really makes me laugh is the amount of eggs, butter, chocolate chips and sugar I went through. I think I could have fed a small family for a year. Luckily I was stocked up, and I will remember to do that again next year.

Some treats on the list for next year (because if I don't write them down now, I will forget):
  • mint brownies
  • my mother-in-laws cool whip balls
  • chocolate covered snow peaks (meringues)
  • pumpkin roll
  • peppermint bark
  • homemade peanut brittle
  • almond toffee
  • rolo cookies, but made with peanut butter cups
  • Hershey kiss cookies with a different kind of Hershey kiss
  • peanut butter cup cookies (perhaps made with rolos too)
  • fudge
  • caramels
  • pretzel turtles
  • Dark Chocolate Ganache Filled Brown Sugar Bars

The recipes I will repeat:

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